Hi there, 

I'm the Marketing Goddess that Your Business Needs!

I'm Alejandra

[But you can call me Ale]

I’m the founder and director of Alejandra Tello, a marketing and social media agency working with start-ups and e-commerce all around the world.

 I’m jumping up and down because you’re here, and that means that you’re serious about your business and you want to see it become the empire that is meant to be!

Worry no more, I’m here to help you thrive and conquer the digital world to spread the voice about your beloved biz baby.

Sometimes I think that I’m the superstar biz babysitter. I’m always working with incredible entrepreneurs [just like you ;)] that have been working on their biz baby and now they’re ready to go to the next level.

I will help you create a killer marketing strategy to let everyone know about you and your products or services.

I’m ready to start working with you and grow your business to places that you haven’t even imagine yet… are you ready?

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Fun Facts

I've been living in Budapest, Hungary for over 3 years now. But Hungarian is still a hard challenge for me.

I did my Master's thesis about Netflix. Yeah, I'm kind of obsess with Netflix [and chill]

Camera and action! I love to be in front of a camera, so as a good millennial, I have my own YouTube channel. Check it out!

I'm a Body Positive advocate. My personal mission in this world is to help women empower themselves and learn how to love their bodies as they are!

I'm a 100% dog person! The 4-legged love of my life was Morita [Blackberry] a rescue pitbull that is my angel forever.

Me and the dance-floor are besties! Want to hang out? Invite me to a latin party and I will be there moving bones that you had no idea existed.